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HoursOpen daily from 9:00am - 5:00pm

Closed Sept. 23, 2016 for annual gala preparations
Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Closes at 2pm on Christmas Eve.


PriceAdmission to the museum is included with general admission.

Greensboro Science Center Members are admitted to the museum free of charge.

Dinosaur Gallery

Museum visitors get up close to a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex in the Prehistoric Passages!


The dinosaur gallery is temporarily closed for renovation. In the meantime, be sure to check out Destination: Dinosaur! (see description on right).


Go ahead... pick a nose, smell intestinal gas, and force vomit from a gut! Explore your insides in this entertaining, educational exhibit filled with interactive displays. Take a tour of your body's main systems and learn how the choices you make can affect your health in the future.


Get the background on animals with backbones! Learn about a variety of vertebrates by checking out skeletons from around the animal kingdom.


From copperheads and rattlesnakes to gila monsters and hellbenders, this exhibit displays venomous reptiles and unusual amphibians. Compare venomous and non-venomous snakes and see the largest amphibian in NC!


Check out some unique specimens from our collection on display in our collection curator's office. From old electronics to underwater wonders, see some of our unusual items not usually on display.

Destination: Dinosaur!

Check out seven full-bodied replicas of ancient animals, including a Tyrannosaurs Rex, Spinosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Pteranodon! This exhibit also features a prehistoric play area for young paleontologists, fascinating fossils, and a TriceraShop Jr. gift shop!


What does grapefruit sized hail look like? Where's the wettest place on the planet? Find the answers to these questions and more as you explore the fury and fun of Mother Nature! Grab a Category 5 hurricane with your bare hands, attract electricity as you reach for lightning and feel the force of a tornado! You'll be blown away by this interactive exhibit!

SciPlay Bay

It's an ocean adventure for little learners! In this exhibit, young scientists will discover the deep sea aboard the S.S. Curiosity and control schools of fish with their bare hands. Then, visitors can come ashore for some cool beachside activities including fort building, kite flying and food truck fun!


Friendly and informed docents are on hand in this touch lab to tell you about our resident reptiles. Touch one of our scaly creatures and get a feel for herpetology!


Meet an ancient alligator snapping turtle, see tentacled snakes, check out an alligator and more! From tropical waters to freshwater giants, this exhibit displays some of the most amazing aquatic animals around!