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Public shows are offered on weekends and Guilford County School holidays.

Indiana Bones and the Kingdom of the Camarasaur

KATS: The Meerkat Musical
1:00pm and 3:00pm

See show descriptions below. Admission is free with general admission or membership.

Kats: The Musical

KATS: The Meerkat Musical is now playing in our newly renovated Adventure Theater II!


Adventure Theater I is stylized in a hi-tech, highly reflective motif with a 14' x 8' hi-def front screen and a 4' x 6' projected rear screen and currently features the popular interactive show, Indiana Bones and The Kingdom of the Camarasaur.

INDIANA BONES and the Kingdom of the Camarasaur

This 30-minute show is designed to demonstrate how putting the knowledge of science to work can help Indiana Bones and his dinosaur, Cameron, save Animal Discovery Zoo from becoming a "Robot Jurassic Park" as he faces his arch nemesis, Dr. Dean O. Saur. Only with the enthusiastic help of kids and adults in the audience, who demonstrate their dinosaur knowledge by solving riddles throughout the show, can Indy save the day and the GSC!

Adventure Theaters funded by the Tannenbaum-Sternberger Foundation, Inc.


Adventure Theater II is designed to be a "magic courtyard" that surrounds visitors with eight digital projection screens that can operate independently or as a single unit. Kats: The Musical is now playing in this theater.

KATS: The Meerkat Musical

"KATS: The Meerkat Musical" has these adorable furry performers taking center stage in our completely renovated Adventure Theater 2. Audience members will be immersed in the story of one little Meerkat pup and her family as they follow the songs these African animals sing about themselves. The new theater magically "transports" audience members into the middle of the Kalahari Desert where these musical 'Kats' call home. Guests of all ages will have fun learning about meerkats through interactive trivia games and special show performances.

Come and sing along with the show that will make you tap your feet, enjoy the fun and believe in the beat of life lived beneath desert sands and under the African sun.
Duration: 30 minutes