Volunteer Program

If you love people, animals and science, consider joining our volunteer program! Each year, we work with over 800 volunteers who assist in classes, interact with visitors and answer questions at exhibits, and help during special events. Come join us!

Volunteering at the GSC requires a significant commitment. We invest a great deal of resources into each of our volunteers. In return, you'll have an opportunity to represent one of the few AZA and AAM accredited facilities in the country. Most volunteer opportunities require a minimum commitment of six months, although some of our volunteers have been with us for decades! As one of our volunteers, you can gain valuable experience, develop and utilize your skills and spend time alongside some great people.


Zoo Docent

Zoo Docent

Applications Posted: December 1
Application Deadline: January 1
Training Date: February 22, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Age Minimum: 15
Animal Handling? No

Upcoming Openings

Even if you don't see an opportunity that fits what you’re looking for now, please be sure to check back for the following opportunities posted later on in the year.

Museum Ambassador

Museum Ambassador - March Class

Applications Posted: January 1
Application Deadline: February 1
Training Date: March 22, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Age Minimum: 13-17
Animal Handling? No

Aquarium Docent

Aquarium Docent - April Class

Applications Posted: February 1
Application Deadline: March 1
Training Date: April 10, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Age Minimum: 15
Animal Handling? No

Zoo Docent

Zoo Docent - May Class

Applications Posted: March 1
Application Deadline: April 1
Training Date: May 24, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Age Minimum: 15
Animal Handling? No


Summer Teen Volunteer Program

Summer Teen Volunteer Program

The Summer 2017 volunteer program is full. Summer 2018 volunteer opportunities will be posted on March 1, 2018. Please see below for information about how the Summer 2018 program will differ from this year's program.

Since 2013, the volunteer program at the Greensboro Science Center has grown by 43%: from 579 volunteers in 2013 to 830 in 2016! That growth necessitates changes to ensure a more positive experience for our volunteers. A new change is coming to the volunteer program which will allow us to better serve the volunteers who participate in the program as well as the visitors who benefit from it.

The Center has traditionally operated three summer volunteer programs: Animal Ambassadors, Exhibit Guides, and Teacher’s Assistants. Starting in Summer 2018, the Center will operate one summer-only program, the Teacher’s Assistant program. In September, the Animal Ambassador and Exhibit Guide programs will merge to create one new program: Museum Ambassadors. The target age for Museum Ambassadors is 13-17, meaning that 13- and 14-year- olds will now have three, as opposed to only one, opportunity to join the Center’s volunteer program.

Visit the Center’s blog to read more about this new program.

Even if we don't have any volunteer opportunities available right now, we encourage you to check out our Volunteer Opportunities Directory below to learn more about the types of programs we offer throughout the year. The directory lists program requirements and gives a description of what volunteers in those roles typically do.

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Questions or comments? Email volunteers@greensboroscience.org or call 336-288-3769 x1330.