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Please note: photo ID is required for entry.


Become a Member and help build one of the greatest educational resources and attractions in the Triad! Membership funds help support the development of:

  • programs
  • workshops
  • exhibits
  • animal exhibits
  • scholarships

THANK YOU for your support!

Purchase A Membership

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Business Memberships

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Greensboro Science Center Members

Among the many benefits of a Greensboro Science Center Membership is the opportunity to preview new exhibits before they open to the public!


North Carolina General Statute §1 05-1 64.4(a) provides that an admission charge to an entertainment activity (museum) is subject to sales and use tax in accordance with N.C. Gen.Stat. §1 05-1 64.46. Accordingly, general admissions, OmniSphere admissions and membership will be subject to 6.75% sales tax beginning January 1, 2015.

Children ages 3 and older must be paid members. Maximum: 10 Individuals/Household.
Prices do not include sales tax.

# of Individuals/Household Greensboro Resident Rate* Non-Resident Rate
Party of One $30.35 $33.72
Party of Two $60.70 $67.45
Party of Three $91.05 $101.17
Party of Four $121.40 $134.89
Party of Five $151.76 $168.62
Party of Six $171.99 $191.10
Party of Seven $192.22 $213.58
Party of Eight $212.46 $236.07
Party of Nine $222.58 $247.31
Party of Ten $232.69 $258.55

*City of Greensboro residents receive a 10% discount with a valid ID.

By purchasing or receiving a Greensboro Science Center Membership, Members agree to abide by all policies and procedures.

Member Benefits

Each paid Member receives:
• One (1) full year of free general admission to the GSC.
• One (1) full year of free admission to over 300 *ASTC facilities. Click here for the complete list.
• One (1) full year of free or discounted admission to over 150 *AZA facilities. Click here for the complete list.
• Discounted general admission for guests of Members
• $1 off OmniSphere shows for Members and their guests
• Expedited Members-Only entry.
• A 20% discount on each purchase in the TriceraShop.
• A 10% discount on each purchase in The Fresh Market Café.
• Discounts on GSC Birthday Parties.
• Invitations, coupons and discounts to special events, exhibit openings and new OmniSphere Shows.**
• Priority Registration and discounts for workshops and camps.
• Free newsletter and email updates.
• Special discounts at participating local businesses.

*See exclusions (right). Reciprocity is subject to change. Always call ahead for the most recent information.
**In an effort to go paperless, the GSC Membership Department will be sending certain items such as invitations, coupons and updates electronically only. Opting out of email correspondence will prevent the Member from receiving this information.

*Reciprocity Exclusions

Greensboro Science Center Members will receive 50% off general admission at the following AZA/ASTC facilities: NC Zoo, NC Aquariums, SciWorks, Children's Museum of Winston-Salem, Morehead Planetarium, NC Transportation Museum, NC Museum of Natural Sciences, NC Transportation Museum Foundation, Danville Science Center, VA Museum of Natural History

The following facilities do not offer reciprocity: Catawba Science Center, Discovery Place, NC Museum of Life and Science, Marbles Kids Museum, Science Museum of Western Virginia

Membership Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures are subject to change at any time and without notice
to prevent misuse of the Greensboro Science Center Membership Program.

1. All Memberships are non-transferable.
2. No refunds will be made on Membership purchases.
3. Primary Members must be at least 16 years of age with proof of identification.
4. The Primary Member will be the person to whom all correspondences are sent.
5. Each child (age 3 and up) must be a paid Member to receive free admission.
6. Children age 2 and under do not need to be paid Members to receive free admission. However, if you wish to sign the child up for Workshops, Camps or any other event that provides a discount to Members, the child MUST be a paid Member on your account. Names & birthdays of children 2 & under must be documented for future reference. The exception to this rule is Birthday Parties; so long as the parent or guardian of the "under 3" birthday child is a member, the member rate may be applied to the party.
7. Up to 10 individuals living in the same household may be included on a single Membership.
8. Each Member must be named and photographed for our Membership database.
9. Each Member will be presented with a Membership Card after being photographed for our database.
10. Membership Cards will be issued at the time of purchase for on-site Membership Purchases paid for by cash or credit. No checks accepted.
11. Membership Cards must be picked up in person for online orders. A photo ID is required.
12. Each Member must present his or her Membership Card for Members-Only expedited entry.
13. If a Member forgets his or her Membership Card, he or she must wait in the general admission line and show a valid photo ID that matches the name and photo stored in our Membership database.
14. Membership Card reprints cost $5 each.
15. Members may not purchase Birthday Parties, Summer Camps, or Workshops for Non-Members.
16. Members may be added to your Membership at any time. They will have the same expiration date as the rest of your Members (one year from the original date of purchase/gift membership activation date).

Membership FAQs

Q: Who can I list as Members on my Membership?
A: Up to 10 individuals living in the same household may be included on a single Membership.
Q: Why can't I use my Membership for admission with a reserved group?
A: Reserved groups receive many benefits beyond General Admission, such as reserved times for expedited entry, programs, shows, crafts, extra staff assistance and discounted rates. As part of a group, you must pay the group rate to receive these benefits.
Q: Can I use my Membership for admission to a birthday party?
Yes, you may use your membership to gain admission to attend a birthday party. However, because the number of attendees at birthday parties are limited, please be sure to inform the party host of your intention when you RSVP.
Q: When will I receive my Membership Cards?
A: NOTE: Members must be photographed for our Membership Database prior to receiving Membership Cards. Membership Cards will be issued at the time of purchase for on-site Membership Purchases paid for by cash or credit. Membership Cards must be picked up in person at our Membership Desk for Memberships purchased online. A photo ID is required.
Q: Why do I have to show my ID if I forget my Membership Card?
A: As a nonprofit organization, we rely heavily on Membership and attendance for support. For that reason, we must prevent misuse of our Membership Program. Also, if your card is lost or stolen, this will enable us to prevent someone from using your identity.
Q: If my child visits without me, can she still take advantage of free admission?
A: Your child may enter AS LONG AS he or she has his or her Membership Card. Without a Membership Card, the child must pay general admission. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Children age 16 + must show a photo ID with proof of age to enter without an adult.
Q: Can I purchase a Membership for more than one year?
A: No. Memberships are only sold for a one-year period.
Q: How early can I renew my Membership?
A: Memberships can be renewed 90 days prior to the expiration date.
Q: How long do I have to redeem my Gift Membership Certificate?
A: Your Membership will begin on the day you redeem your Gift Membership Certificate if it's within 90 days of the date of purchase. After 90 days, the expiration date on your Membership will default to one year and 90 days from the purchase date.
Q: My Membership Card has been lost/stolen. Can I request a new card?
A: Yes. There is a $5.00 fee to reprint lost or stolen cards. Please visit our Membership Desk to request a reprint.
Q: If I decide to join after my visit, can I apply the cost of my general admission tickets towards a Membership?
A: Yes, but you must purchase your Membership on the same day of your visit. Just bring your receipt to our Membership Desk. We will be happy to apply the cost of general admission to your Membership.
Q: Can a friend or family member use my Membership Card?
A: No. Memberships are nontransferable.
Q: Can I add someone to my Membership?
A: Members may be added to your Membership at any time. They will have the same expiration date as the rest of your Members (one year from the original date of purchase/gift membership activation date).