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Join our award-winning volunteer program! Our volunteers dedicate their time to educating our guests about the incredible animals and collections we have here at our organization. Each of these encounters between our volunteers and our guests is another chance to further our mission to “inspire scientific curiosity and encourage personal discovery about life and the natural world.”

We invite you to become part of our volunteer family. Our family consists of almost 350 volunteers. Pre-pandemic, our volunteers contributed nearly 41,000 hours per year. To put that in perspective, that is the equivalent of 18 full-time employees! In 2020, they rallied to support the GSC after our 93-day closure and still contributed almost 20,000 hours.

We are unable to offer short-term opportunities for individuals such as student service requests or court-ordered community service. We recommend visiting the Volunteer Center of Greensboro website to get information about organizations that can accommodate those requests.

To get started, take a look at our Current Openings section. If we are recruiting for a program, the program title will have a link you can click on that will take you to additional information about the program as well as a button to apply.

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Current Openings

Want to know when opportunities arise? Join our mailing list!

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Questions or comments? Email volunteers@greensboroscience.org.