Adventure Theater Shows

Join us for live, interactive shows in our state-of-the-art Adventure Theaters. See our What To Do page for show dates and times. Adventure Theater shows are free with admission/membership.

KATS: The Meerkat Musical

"KATS: The Meerkat Musical" has these adorable furry performers taking center stage in Adventure Theater 2. Audience members will be immersed in the story of one little meerkat pup and her family as they follow the songs these African animals sing about themselves. The theater magically "transports" audience members into the middle of the Kalahari Desert, home of these musical 'Kats'. Guests of all ages will have fun learning about meerkats through interactive trivia games and special surprises.

Sing along and tap your feet to the beat of life that's lived beneath the desert sands and under the African sun. Duration: 30 minutes

Indiana Bones and the Raiders of the Lost Archosaurs

In this hilarious, action-packed adventure, GSC villain Dean O. Saur's nephew, Al, travels back in time to steal some valuable items from the past! With the help of audience members, GSC's resident paleontologist Indiana Bones faces the daunting task of finding and returning the prehistoric pieces to their place in time, by way of a crazed wormhole! Dr. Bones faces a series of entertaining challenges as he travels back to the Cretaceous period, meeting plenty of awe-inspiring ancient animals along the way. Will Dr. Bones return to the present before an asteroid leads to extinction? Find out at Indiana Bones and the Raiders of the Lost Archosaurs! Duration: 30 minutes