Terrestrial Internship

About the Terrestrial Internship

The Greensboro Science Center is looking for qualified interns for terrestrial internships. Interns will assist animal care staff in this department in all aspects of daily animal husbandry and care. Interns should expect to learn AZA skills to prepare them for a full-time career in this highly competitive field. Interns will assist with a particular string as assigned which may include carnivores, hoofstock, reptiles, and small and large mammals. Candidates interested in gaining experience with those species should apply for an aquarium internship. String assignments are made after internship offers have been accepted and are based on staff feedback from the interview process as well as preferences from candidates.

All staff, volunteers, and interns may be required to wear masks in certain animal areas and while preparing animal diets.

Contact Us

Questions? Email internships@greensboroscience.org. No phone calls, please.