Wonder 365

Your gifts make a difference.
When you make a donation to the Greensboro Science Center (GSC), you are providing critical support for animal care, education programs and wildlife conservation. We strive to inspire through engaging, educational experiences that serve to increase appreciation for the natural world. Your generous support makes this work possible.

Click here for a list of our Wonder 365 donors.

SUPPORTER · $10-$99

• Inclusion on the GSC’s virtual donor list
• GSC magnet

FRIEND · $100-$999

All Wonder 365 donors contributing $100 or more receive all benefits outlined above as well as:

• Inclusion on the GSC’s virtual donor list
• Video updates showing your dollars at work
• Invitation to the Wonder 365 annual donor appreciation event

EXPLORER · $1,000

All Wonder 365 donors contributing $1,000 or more receive all benefits outlined above as well as:

• Recognition in the GSC’s Member Connection newsletter
• One Inside Tracks: Aquarium Adventure for a party of 6

CURATOR · $5,000

All Wonder 365 donors contributing $5,000 or more receive all benefits outlined above as well as:

• Canvas art created by a GSC animal
• One Inside Tracks: Zoo Trek experience for a party of 6

AMBASSADOR · $10,000

All Wonder 365 donors contributing $10,000 or more receive all benefits outlined above as well as:

• Inclusion on the GSC’s “Waves of Giving” donor wall
• One private animal encounter experience for a party of 6


These leadership donors give a contribution of $25,000 or more annually. Gifts at this level give the GSC’s CEO, Glenn Dobrogosz, the capacity to launch special initiatives, to meet pressing needs as they arise, and to capitalize on emerging opportunities to strengthen GSC projects.

You will be entitled to all benefits listed above, as well as:

• Private behind-the-scenes experience with GSC CEO, Glenn Dobrogosz
• Breakfast with the CEO
• “Insider Info” email or call from the CEO
• Invitation to round-table discussions featuring hot topics in the scientific community
• A personal staff liaison to the GSC

Recognition in Wonder 365 begins at $10, however gifts of all sizes are appreciated. Involvement in Wonder 365 is renewable annually and is based on unrestricted gifts made or facilitated by an individual and his/her spouse. Corporate matching gifts count toward Wonder 365 if received or verified within the fiscal year. The Natural Science Center is now doing business as the Greensboro Science Center. All contributions are fully tax-deductible within the limits of federal and state laws. Our Tax ID is 56-0885727.

Thanks for your support!

We'd like to recognize all of those who donated to Wonder 365 from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022. We appreciate your generosity!


Lynn and Jim Burgio


The Dassow and Dawson Families
Sally and David Kuratnick
Tracy and Dean Priddy
Debbie and Steve Vetter


Columbia Forest Products Foundation
Derry and Harden Blackwell
Martin and Penny Schneider
Marcia Rehm
Chris Brown
Marlene Davis
Carol Cone Douglas
Berkeley H. Harris


Haynes and Ginger Griffin
Jaime and Justin Kilby
Laura and Bill Barrier
Laurie and Billy Tesh
John and Pat Raines
Julie Olin
Garrett and Lucy Tomlinson
William A. Stern Foundation
Ryan Barwick
Bernard Gold
Agnes Hughes
Jane Peterson
Patty Potter
Kathleen Kelly and Georg Hoyle
Dr. Tess Jordan
David Morse
Elizabeth Quarrier
Alicia and Ben Edwards
Tonja and Brian Reed
Herlene and Kevin Reed


Daniel and Cathy Craft
Rebecca and Adam Gibboney
Henry Hogan
Pam and David Sprinkle
Tonya and Glenn Dobrogosz
Fran Little
Colton Weast
Pat Copeland
Rabecca Klemp
Judy Piper
Anita Troxler
Linda and Gary Woodruff
Janet Dees
Susan and Jim Melvin
Erika Powell
Barbara Zednik
Lucy and James Schiermeyer
Dabney and Walker Sanders
Richard Allen
Sydney and Hannah Britt
Mandy Chambers
Stephanie Farabow
Kathy Palma
Kemp and Amanda Allen
Nina Bennett
Marlene Cato
Janet Davis
Corey Dockery
Christina Dunn
Marianne Ganley
Nancy Glenz
Trudy Luman
Martha and Fred Newton
Marjorie Palmeri
Louis Skrabec
Richard Sledge
Berry and Rallph Stout
Susan Tannenbaum
Rhoda Torres
Elizabeth Turner
Wain White
Lee Wiler
Constance Leonard
Carola Westermann
Patrick French
Carol Randecker
Ashley Ritter
Michele Deuterman
Jean Ripley
Jason Jarrett
Peggy and Tom Ferebee
Melanie Shaffer
Chuck and Ashley Staton Scott
Linda and John Englar
Brandi Weaver
Robert Wein
Sherlon Coiner
Mary Calhoun
Rhyan Forman
Sedgefield Woman's Club
Christine and Michael Lemnios
Patricia McConnell and Hal Rolllins
Pamela Prochazka
Laura and Burns Blackwell
James Gibboney
James Parker
Robin and Paul Timmins
Hannelore von der Lippe


Chip Allen
Mercend Moore
Mackenzie Kirkpatrick
Beth Smith
Liz and Bob Thomas
Pat and Sandy Vreeland
Sig and Ellen Tannenbaum
Ann Vaughn
Cynthia Knust
Kevin and Corinne Jones
Clara Berry
Maggie and Joe Collins
Marty Cook
Kevin Hershberger
Katherine Kane
Liesl Okuda
Carina Alberelli
Bob and Kathy Chelemer
Nancy Crutchfield
Andrea Helms
Craig Mankoff
Carey Marsh
John and April Neathery
Brittany Parker
Halie Parker
Vickie Plott
Katelyn Cohen-Kivett
Melissa Thompson
Lisa Henderson
Waltrene Canada
Serena Liu
Emily Ferguson
Mark Wallace
Abby and Jim Donnelly
Deborah McLean
Julia and David Wehmeyer
Lee and John Atkinson
Priscilla Burgess
Gary Goodman
Karen Kimbrell
Leslie Bloch
Rene and Tom Cone
Lisa Duck
Gary Klenz
Linda Matich-Lang
Patricia Chamings
Martha Taylor
Bob and Ginny Waldron